Packaging Supplies

Packaging supplies are the most important components in your removal and it may be difficult to find material that is of high quality and durability. Here are some of the most commonly and widely used packaging supplies so you can understand what to buy and what the different materials are used for:






Packaging supplies


  1. Double-walled boxes of various sizes. These boxes can be used to pack anything and everything. The double-walling allows for more strength and durability and you can even order customised sizes for specific items. Care should be taken if you make use of second-hand boxes as you should make sure that they are not crumpled or damaged in any way. Also, make sure that your boxes can be properly sealed and are not open-faced as open-faced boxes are not suitable for removals.
  • Packing paper. Packing paper plays a crucial role in the packaging of fragile items. It serves as a source of protection for these items to ensure that they do not break. The most common type is called butcher’s paper or news cut-off paper. Newspaper and tissue paper are not ideal for removal as the former is not flexible enough and the latter is a bit too thin for the job.
  • Tape plays a very significant role in the entire removal process. It is the sole source of keeping things in place and guaranteeing that things don’t break while being transported. There are many different types of tape available, but be sure to use tape that is of high quality so that the sealing you have used it for does not come apart.
  • Wardrobe boxes. This packaging material is incredibly useful as it saves on both time and the effort of folding all your clothes for the move. Instead, your clothes can remain on their hangers.
  • Bubble wrap and foam. Another material used for packaging fragile items. This is not necessarily preferred by most removal companies, but it does help lessen the risk of breaking items.
  1. Mattress bags. This material is of great advantage as it ensures the safe transportation of your mattress and this helps save the extra effort of having to pack the mattress in a box or leaving it open as many removal companies would do. Also, the mattress bag helps keep your mattress clean during the move.

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