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What Should I Pack First When Moving House?

Welcome to that phase of your life where you are ready for the house move! It would not be an understatement to say that packing is daunting and time-consuming. From high-stress levels to losing control over things, you can experience everything during this time. Whether you are moving for the first time or have little experience, you might be fumbling to answer this question: what should I pack first when moving house?

However, do not fret because this article which Removals Uxbridge has put together will guide you through this rollercoaster ride of moving house. So, get ready!

When to Start Packing for a House Move

There is no definite answer to this question. Wait, why? This is because everyone goes at their own pace. Some people can get the whole house packed within a few days, while others might take weeks together. There are a tremendous number of factors that decide this duration. Everything contributes to your answer, from the number of goods you must pack to your packing approach. If you want our advice, we recommend starting as early as possible.

Furthermore, If you are going with a DIY packing model, you should start at least six weeks in advance so that you do not burn yourself out and faint on the big move day! However, with packers and movers, you can reduce the enormous tension and anxiety you face. Due to their adeptness, you will find them getting things sorted without missing a beat. Also, if you wish to find out more, check out details about our Uxbridge Packing Service.

In What Order Should You Pack Your Belongings for Your Move?

Before answering, what should I pack first when moving house, planning is essential. Planning your move might seem unnecessary or trivial but trust us, it will be your knight in shining armour. So, let’s see what lies ahead in the form of an answer to what should I pack first when moving house?

Which Room Should You Pack First?

Imagine you start packing your child’s room first, and in the evening, you hear them throwing tantrums about their missing toys and books. You do not want to experience this. This is why we suggest you pick a room that is the least used. It could be your storage room or your guest bedroom.

Finally, the kitchen comes at the end of this list. Well, that is if you want your stomach to stay full and content! You definitely do not want to go hungry or order food daily when amidst a move. At the same time, you can also look up what packaging supplies for removal might come in handy for your move.

What Items Should I Pack First When Moving House?

Here is one scenario: you wake up and realise that you have packed all the toiletries and clothes. You realise you have a day or two left so, you’d still need those essentials. It is nothing short of a nightmare. To prevent this episode, get your pen and paper ready and make a priority list. This list will help you decide what to pack first and what to pack in the end.

For example, if something is high on your priority lists, such as food or toiletries, then it’s best to pack these up towards the final leg of your house move. If you are unable to decide, no worries. Just check out our recommendations!

Storage Items

It is unlikely that you will wake up one day and realise that you urgently need something from the storage. Your attic could be holding on to your storage items, and they might be semi-packed. So, start packing them first.


Even ardent bookworms would agree that reading amidst a move is pretty demanding. Your focus would be running around ten different directions. This is why it is best to get them packed and sort books into two categories: useful and clutter. Neatly pack the useful ones and segregate the others into clutter which can then be sold or donated.

Out of Season Apparel

These are clothes that you won’t be using anytime soon. For instance, all your winter wear would be tucked away safely while the sun blazes in the sky. Pack them up neatly and use desiccants to prevent stench.

Decorative Pieces

Decorative pieces are purely for aesthetics and do not fall under the essentials category. Besides, these are easy to forget. Make a catalogue and pack them up neatly in boxes. Make sure to wrap them in bubble wrap if they are fragile.

Jewellery and Sentimentality

Jewellery and objects of sentimental value are very close to us. It might be hard to pack these items because of the treasured memories they represent. However, it is essential to keep aside your memories and pack these items.


Days before your final move, you can start packing your furniture, mattresses, pillows, blankets and other objects. Pay special attention to rooms like the bedroom. You can first begin with decluttering and then proceed with packing your wardrobe. Pack all your furniture, blankets, lamps, bed sheets, and all other bedroom items.


Always pack essentials towards the end. These can include toiletries, everyday clothing, food, crockery, and other items. Label them so that you can quickly identify them post your move.

With this, we come to the end of this article. Hope we could help you solve your dilemma about what should I pack first when moving house. Finally, keep your cool, plan everything correctly, and then go for the move! You can also refer here for additional information about how to pack things seamlessly so that you do not face any issues later.