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What else is special about us?

Uxbridge Removals is in the lucky position of being able to keep our expenditures, and thus our prices, low by virtue of being part of the network of removals experts in London. We are a collection of removals companies that have come together to take advantage of getting a discount when we buy our necessary supplies in bulk. We can therefore make huge savings with things like bubble wrap, more bubble wrap to replace the stuff that disappears just before our office is filled with a mysterious popping sound (Anita, we’re looking at you for this one), vehicles, fuel and even packing boxes. Our membership of this team means our little man and a van in Uxbridge service can operate with the costs of a larger company but the prices of a small, friendly one.

We pass the savings on to our customers with services like the free furniture dismantling and reassembly offer. We’re able to do this for our removals in Uxbridge customers for both home and businesses because the cost to us of that time is made up in other places across the Removals England network.

As well as keeping our pledge to give our customers the home or office removals service that’s the beating of the others we also have a commitment to the environment. We’re in a business where we have to drive about all day in large vehicles so if we didn’t have a sold policy to counteract the effects of the engines on the earth it would be pretty irresponsible. We have converted our entire fleet to environmentally friendly engines to keep well within the new TFL emissions guidelines for London, and we’ve had this completed over a year before their own deadline.We also try to encourage our customers for both home and office relocations in Uxbridge to opt for our boxes made from recycled cardboard. These ones are actually half the price of the other ones so there’s another bonus for you guys right there.