Quality Domestic Removals

Uxbridge Removals understands how tiring the removal process can be and this is why we want to dedicate our time and energy to making the process easier and simpler for you. The entire removal process can be broken down into a few simple (but time-consuming) steps and our team at Uxbridge Removals takes care that the entire process goes as smoothly as possible without any unnecessary hiccups. The steps involved in the removal process include:

Removals Step 1: The Survey

Once contact is made, a pre-move house survey is usually scheduled. This survey allows for our team to calculate the volume of items in your house and this calculation allows for a reliable quote to be given. The Uxbridge survey is taken by highly skilled employees who take obligation in explaining the moving process to the clients and describing what will happen to their possessions. Any questions you may have can be answered and an outline of your responsibilities along with the teams will be provided so that you understand what is going to be done.

Removals Step 2: The Quotation and Move Plan

The calculations given by the surveyor will be provided to the moving team along with an inventory list. A move coordinator will be assigned to the client and he or she will be in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly. The move plan will also be brainstormed and finalised and this and the quotation will be given to the client in a letter or email. Questions can be addressed and the packing day will be scheduled at the client’s availability and convenience.

Removals Step 3: Packing Services and Protecting Your Home

Upon arrival, the packing specialists will introduce themselves and go through the inventory to determine what needs to be packed. Packing will then commence and the specialists will go about packing your possessions with an expertise which you never thought imaginable. An inventory will be prepared for you and your packed items will then be moved to the truck.

Removals Step 4: Transportation

The transportation services provided by Uxbridge Removals guarantee a stress-free ride for you and we will transport your items on time and with efficiency. We also take special care that your possessions are not damaged at this stage.

Removals Step 5: Unpacking at Your New Home

Once transport and delivery is complete, we help you move your items to your new home or office and unpack your things if you desire it. Any reassembly that is required is also done by us and it is done in such a way that you won’t even notice that we had to dismantle it in the first place.

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